For Artists, Photographers, Crafters + Designers

Creativity is part of every person. With our creative sets, textures and digital papers you will have creative tools which will give your own art work a unique look.

Don’t waste time to check the internet for several content just to get started. Here you get textures which you can use as backgrounds or overlays, frames and photo masks within the creative sets and digital papers for your scrapbook projects.

The creative set is a new product which gives you different textures, frames, photo masks, templates and so on. Each set has different content and you can see at the product page what you will get. This will save you lot of time then you just can start with your next project and have fun.

All products are for direct download.


Art Cascadea was started in 2012 by Shawn and Skye Cascadea.
It arose out of our desire to bring joy to you with our art work, to tickle your fancy, to make your dreams vivid, or to awaken emotions.