The site is under construction and the shop for the creative items isn’t working for now. You still can purchase my Fine Art Prints and Photos. Please click on the links below to visit my shops for the prints.

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ART Work


the Place for Creative People

Creative People have a powerful imagination and lots of ideas to make their life sparkle. Rather than live a ordinary life you as a Creative Person love to create. Here on my site you find lots of creative items which will enhance your own artwork.

Rather to create all the textures, papers and creative sets by your own try to add additional creativity by using one or more of our products to give a special final touch to your own work. But most of all have fun creating art.


NEW: Creative Sets

With these sets you get a variety of textures, frames and/or masks which you can create stunning unique art. You also can use them for your Scrapbook projects. Every set is different, check them out what is included.

Every time a new set is launch you get a special intro prize for one week for CHF 9.00 for personal use. Come back regularly so you don’t miss that intro deal!


LATEST: Watercolor Mask Set + Verano Creative Set




With these sets you have a variety of possibilities to create a unique artwork. You can mix or match the content together or incorporate single content in your own artwork. With these sets you can start your next project immediately.

Mother's Day Set
Fantasy Texture Lilac


Incorporate textures in your own artwork as backgrounds or overlays. Textures may transform your work in a stunning and magical unique art piece. Choose a single Texture or a whole set.


Use the digital papers for your scrapbooking, albums, card-making, bookbinding or any other project. Write a note or a letter to a friend or family member using our lovely stationery or note paper.

Flower Note aqua